LusArt has advanced the use of 3D building modelling to design and test structural solutions virtually. That may conjure images of complex geometry. But at LusArt we equally use building modelling to make any structure the best it can be.

To each new challenge – from ambitious long-span structures to innovations in materials – we respond inventively. Integrated teams improve our connection to collaborators and produce better all-round solutions.

We create, design and implement efficient, effective and elegant systems and infrastructure for heating, cooling, lighting and all the other systems a building needs. But we also use these systems to create stimulating, productive environments.

Building services engineers design and install all the elements of a building which bring it to life. From lighting and acoustics to lifts, escalators and security systems — they are in control.

Engineering Services

Virtual modelling helps engineers, architects and clients see how all components of a design work together. Seeing that, we can optimise structural efficiency. We can also overlay the critical factors of cost and time to understand the implications of choices (form and materials, for instance) for project viability and sustainability.