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We understand a building’s position within the greater context. We recognize its impact on its immediate surroundings and the environment as a whole, and we continually work to be responsible stewards of our neighborhoods and our planet. It is with this spirit that we approach projects with not merely an attitude of how we can create a minimal footprint, but rather how can we inspire and motivate behavior within and even beyond the structure.

Collaboration. Conception. Community. Creation. The design process is one of people. It starts with listening and understanding. Before we imagine, we interact. The concept is not one from LusArt; it is from the collective minds of LusArt and our clients.

We define a concept as a thought, inspiration or intended experience that provides guidance and gives aesthetic direction for all design disciplines throughout the entire design process. Cohesive design begins with a clear intention. We need to understand the key issues our clients are trying to address and what kind of response they hope to evoke from those who interact with the facility. We believe a rational exploration into a facility’s needs and a wholly developed concept embraced by all team members will result in buildings that exude a sense of harmony and enjoy an organic relationship with the site. Done correctly, this process encourages a balance between the poetic and the pragmatic that allows our work to be both passionate and grounded.

Our teams are organized into studios led by experienced design principals and designers who are responsible for the project from initial conception through the construction phase. This affords our projects the attention of a boutique firm, with the resources of one of the world’s largest firms. Artificial boundaries are not superimposed on studio members – anyone can generate a great idea. In fact, the collaboration between interns and principals on equal footing is encouraged, creating a dynamic, energized environment where thoughts build upon each other and the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. This level playing field allows us to develop ideas from a fully leveraged talent pool, encouraging a collaborative spirit within the entire firm while benefitting each individual project.

Our ideas

Architecture not only reflects our time and culture, but also shapes it. As architects and designers, we create settings to inspire the way we live, learn, heal, work and play. It is our essential humanity that moves us to do good, create places that facilitate activity and bring joy to the human spirit.

Arh. Dipl. Ionel Moise

Chief architect with signature right.

Enrolled in the National Architects' Chart of Romania under number 1560.

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We believe that the most successful, full-bodied design solutions arise from a collaborative process that begins with a holistic approach to problem-seeking.  Before we can solve a problem, we have to identify the core essence of what we are trying to solve. We work intimately with our clients to understand vision first. Problem-seeking and -solving is a dialogue of discovery through respectful interaction with the industry’s most inventive multi-disciplinary minds. We collaborate with all the specialties that can be involved in a complex project.